The Sunderland Stars Cheerleading team lost to Teesside in the TeesWear Varsity by 43.5 points to 36 today after a scoresheet change which took out the difficulty mark.

The Stars performed a more difficult routine, but were only told today about the change in the scoresheet.

Sunderland performed stunts of level four and five, even one at a level six, while the Wildcats were performing stunts at a level two.

The President of the Sunderland Stars, Kale Crane, said: “The Teesside judges have taken out the difficulty level in the score sheet, so we are just getting marked on execution, which is obviously a new thing, which we obviously didn’t know about.

“And this was despite the fact we had a way more difficult routine. I’m so proud of everyone on the team.”

Because of the change a lot of Sunderland’s routine wasn’t even counted, but they performed very well, with very few mistakes.

One of the girls fell out of a lift and another lift didn’t quite get executed.

They weren’t able to practice over the break and they performed very well.

Their dance was very well done and they had some strong lifts and tumbles throughout the routine.

They also had a lot of energy and the crowd was really cheering them on.

There was more energy from the crowd than the cheerleaders during the Teesside performance and the Wildcats had numerous mistakes throughout the performance.

They were falling out of lifts, having difficulty getting into them and wobbling in the middle of lifts. The best part of their routine was the dance part.

The Sunderland Stars were happy with their performance despite their loss and did what they came to Teesside to do: perform their best.


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  1. Lee Shaw says:

    We had more than one level six stunt… We had two level 6 stunts.

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