The Predators suffered a heavy defeat to Riverside in the regional league at the weekend. Picture credit: Iliyana Farfarova

The Predators suffered a heavy defeat to Riverside in the regional league earlier this season. Picture credit: Iliyana Farfarova

Sunderland City Predators Netballers are hoping to go into the christmas break on a high as they face  Novos tomorrow in a bid to achieve a long-awaited first win in the North East Regional League.

The Predators are in a positive mood ahead of their last game before the holidays and captain Kelsy Mavin is feeling confident of a good outcome.

She said: “Every game we aim for a win and this game will be no exception. We all would be delighted if we were able to win as this would be our first regional win ever.

“If we do win it’ll definitely lift our spirits and prove we are capable to win at higher level.”

The Predators not only need a confidence boost but an improvement in results as well – the Sunderland side have been stuck to the bottom of the table all season, currently seven points behind debutants Durham Palatinates.

Sunderland have been experiencing problems getting a full squad together which forced them to cancel two of their fixtures.

However, that is not the case this week as the Predators have an exceptionally large choice of players for tomorrow’s match.

Mavin said: “Me and the girls are really excited about our game tomorrow. Having a squad of nine has taken some of the pressure off us.

“We sometimes have just seven and we all normally get put into positions that we don’t normally play which does sometimes take us out of our comfort zone on regional matches.”

Despite their poor form in the regional league, the Predators have been extremely efficient in the Tyne and Wear local league, keeping a top-table place which has certainly boosted their spirits.

“We’ve had some great practice in the local league and all of the girls playing Saturday have played in the local league which will boost our confidence,” explained Mavin.

The Sunderland side have come across Novos before. They played them last season when the Predators lost by ten, which was the team’s closest result in last year’s league.

Mavin reflected on that: “I’m really looking forward to the game, especially as we only lost by ten goals last season. I think this game will either be goal for goal or us or them will win by only by a few.”

Sunderland City Predators v Novos is tomorrow at 10:15am at Blue Flames Centre, Longbenton.



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