Chris Scott finished

Chris Scott finished 68th at the BUCS Downhill Mountain Biking Championship

University of Sunderland’s Christopher Scott finished 68th in the BUCS annual Downhill Mountain Biking Championship this weekend.

Scott, 20, from Washington, was competing with over 360 riders from various universities for victory at Combe Sydenham Country Park in Somerset.

He said: “I’m very happy with my performance as I got 75th last year. Getting a good time also meant I got to sit in the hot seat for a while.

“The BUCS championship is great for me as a competitor as it’s more friendly, fun and less serious than proper competition.  When I’m having a good time I ride my best.”

The event ran through Friday and Saturday with competitors registering, walking the track and practicing on Friday. Then on Saturday competitors set a time to try and make the top 100, with those that made the cut running again to earn a final position.

“Everyone assumes that downhilling is just simply riding down a hill and that it’s easy and you don’t need to be fit to go downhill,” added Scott.

“It so much more, downhill mountain biking is you and your bike riding a marked out track down a hill side which is often filled with jumps, drops, rocks, roots, corners, as well as sometimes being extremely muddy and slippy.

“The arm pump and effort to get down these tracks fast is insane and elite level riders train just as hard as any other pro level athlete to cope.”

Emyr Davies from The University of Wales was the competition’s eventual winner.



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