Hartlepool boss sheds light on vote to keep National League season alive

HARTLEPOOL United manager Dave Challinor says there’s “a lot more” to the club’s decision to support the continuation of the National League season.

All teams have been given 28 days to respond to plans for the season to either continue or end early, null and void.

A voting system has been put in place and clubs must decide if they can afford to continue their football or if the lack of revenue due to the pandemic gives them no choice but to stop playing.

Hartlepool, sitting comfortably in third place in the league table, have recently made their position clear: they want to carry on and finish the season – but the Pools boss understands the situation is different for everyone.

He said: “People may look at us and think ‘Of course they want to continue when they are doing well’, but there is a lot more to it.

“Teams down the bottom end of the league may feel null and void is the best way forward but we want to continue, and try and make football a big normality in such unpredictable times.”

Once all the votes are in, the National League will decide if the situation for clubs like Gateshead, Blyth and Spennymoor differ. With these three clubs being in the National League North division, there is a greater need for funding and revenue to keep them afloat.

Teams like Hartlepool will continue to push for a continuation, and Challinor says: “We will keep doing what we love until we are told otherwise.”

Listen to the Hartlepool boss discussing the issue in the video below: