Sunderland womens rugby team shotPeople tend to ask several times why rugby? They can’t seem to get their head around why any girl would want to play such a brutal and violent game.

1: You will never find better teamwork than you do on a rugby pitch. Every player has your back from the moment you step on that field. The most highly skilled sport you will ever see despite most people looking at it as people just pushing and throwing themselves at the opposition.

Each player on the pitch has a different role and once organised it is the most enjoyable sport to watch as you see phase after phase of constant support and teamwork. The confidence and trust rugby has on and off the field. Rugby isn’t about who’s the star it’s about the team being stars together.

2: Rugby is accessible to all different levels. No matter what you will learn something new about the game every time you step on the pitch, for a game or for practice.

3: Passion comes from everybody during the sport because of peoples love for the game. Fame has never been too common with rugby, however that may not be true for long with the rise of the World Cup 2015 in England.

The majority of player’s don’t have an ego and are extremely greatful to be playing rugby at a professional or amateur level. The game ends and you hug your team mates as you compare your bruises and muddiness and you wouldn’t change anything for the world.

4: The challenge of getting up and going again after taking a knock. It’s refreshing to see so many girls not care about the look on the outside and more about the determination of power. Taking out your stress at practice to waking up on match day with the nervousness and excitement as the anxious desire to win takes over you.

5: Finally, the party you have after they play is just as hard as the game. Leaving what happened on the pitch there and joining the opposition for a drink shows the relationships rugby players have and the respect each player has for one another.



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