jamie Potts field goal Sunderland Spartans american football

Sunderland Spartans lost 38-6 to Northumbria Mustangs at Druids Park on Sunday. The game however was postponed early due to faulty lighting.

The defeat sees Sunderland prop up the table after three games, and running-back Misba Islam was disappointed with the result.

“We should’ve given them a closer game but unfortunately we struggled to contain their offence.

“I think this was due to injuries. Key players got injured in our first drive of the game but also some were hurt during training. Prior to this numbers were low and that was shown on the field.

Sunderland’s touchdown came following a four-yard run into the end-zone from quarterback Curtis Dixon.

The TD came following strong 30+ yard runs from Islam as well as fellow running-back Ben Marshall.

“The offense was again good. A bit of a slow start but once we got going it was unfortunately too little too late with a touchdown getting ruled out, and then we scored the next drive.”

Despite the loss, Islam is focusing on the positives going into this Sunday’s game, another derby against Newcastle Vikings.

“Luckily we had a massive turnout at training Tuesday which is all we need every session to make sure those niggles are fixed.

“We could have beaten the three teams we lost out to if we just performed and fulfilled our true potential.”