Brett Billingham was unlucky not to grab Sunderland’s first gold medal.

Brett Billingham was unfortunate not to take home University of Sunderland’s first medal in karate at the BUCS Nationals, Sheffield.

Billingham was narrowly beaten in the kata bronze medal match despite exerting his dominance in the earlier rounds.

The twin won his first two rounds with ease with all five judges ruling the match in his favour. A shorter match in the third round saw four judges vote in favour of the Sunderland man.

Billingham’s quality then showed again in the semi-final as he picked up another whitewash.

A tight final saw two quality competitors up against each other. After a close affair the judges looked unsure which way to rule the match but eventually decided to award the match to Billingham’s opponent with a 3-2 ruling.

Meanwhile on matt two, Brett’s brother Ross was competing in his kata. Ross breezed through his first round game before a 3-2 ruling saw Billingham exit the competition at the second round stage.

Both twins will be involved in other competitions throughout the weekend and will be looking to go one step further with the aim of winning a gold medal.