The Sunderland City Predators men’s Basketball team finished 4th this season which was progress according to Head Coach Brian Calder.

He said: “Realistically we could have squeezed in to 3rd, but 1st and 2nd was beyond us this year.”

Brian Calder head shotPredator’s Basketball head coach Calder, who had expected his team to be in the top half of the table this season added: “This year we were looking for 4th spot and maybe hoping to sneak in to the play offs.”

Calder highlighted the two Nottingham games as his highlight of the season, when the Predators managed to win one of the games in the last second of the match.

“The two games against Nottingham went down to the last shot.”

However, Calder was disappointed with aspects of the both matches against champions Gateshead, saying: “We couldn’t change when they adapted their style of defence and offence, they’re a fast breaking team and we didn’t adjust as well as I had hoped.”

The head coach described Gateshead Phoenix, who were the winners of the Men’s Development league as “true champions.”

The Predators head coach praised the effort of his squad, he said: “It was a team effort based on if a certain player was missing another guy would step up.”

Due to work commitments and injuries, he added: “I think there was only one game where I was in a position where I had to leave out somebody from my selection who was at training, normally I only have 10 or 11 players.”