Sunderland City Predators Netball team suffered their first defeat of the season on Thursday night with Bond Dickinson taking the spoils in a two goal defeat for the Predators.

Captain Kelsy Mavin was thoroughly disappointed as the Predators, who have been on an excellent run of results, failed to extend that run in a game they were the favourites to win.

Predators“On paper we were the better team however we just didn’t bring our game on the day and suffered because of it. Bond Dickinson were the better team and deserved it.” she said.

Before the game Bond Dickinson sat third from bottom, whilst the Predators were aiming to possibly top the table. A string of mistakes however led to them paying the price as the away side snatched a 24-22 victory.

After speaking about working to rectify her sides mistakes in the first quarter in their last match against Burnside C, Mavin was understandably disappointed by another faltering performance.

“We  were disappointed as we knew we never played our own game.”

“We kept making basic errors including footwork which should not be happening at this level.”

Hopefully this will only prove to be a small stumbling block in what had been an excellent winning run.



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