The University of Sunderland mixed golf team president Josh Carr is still “disappointed” after his side’s 6-0 defeat in their Northern 2B League against Hull in their last outing at Ganstead Golf Club. 

This was the golfers penultimate game of the 2016/17 season, and it didn’t help that the side could only field four players.

Carr said: “I’m still disappointed, it was going to be tough all along. We went down to Hull, a three hour drive with only four players so you’re two nil down before you start.

“To be honest I could have done better myself, I lost four holes in a row to lose but they were decent golfers.”

With the team not playing last week, the players took advantage of their week off and went down to George Washington Golf Club for a coaching day with team coach Gary Shipley.

Carr explained that the coaching day had a been a big “positive” for the side, as they look to prepare for their trip to Durham on Wednesday.

Carr said: “It’s going good yes, on the plus side we have two new golfers here.

“One is a beginner who won’t be able to play in the team, but Shane who’s joined is looking decent so he should be fit to throw in on Wednesday.

“It’s been a positive really, all through the season Gary has been helping us so it’s been brilliant.”

Sunderland’s golfers now have one game left in their league campaign, which comes against Durham 3rds.

When asked about their final game, Carr said: “Last time we went there we only had four players and we only got beat 3.5-2.5.

“Everyone was unbeaten apart from Karl who got beat in his game. So if we can turn up with six players, and possibly a stronger team, I think we will have a chance of at least snatching a point away from home.”