York St John University beat the University of Sunderland in a close contest at a very wet Silksworth ski slope.

Talking to team before the race, there was an optimistic feeling amongst them, everybody knowing that it a potential mistake could be the deciding factor. As Sunderland watched York St. John warmed up, they were picking out the strength from the travelling team.

COTM SquareIn a close fought first race Sunderland took an early lead but after a couple of stumbles, York St John caught back up. It was decided after some discussion that York just took the first race and video footage confirmed it.

The second race was decided a lot quicker when Sunderland’s first skier’s ski slipped off. York capitalised on it and were a man in front for the rest of the race and went on to win the second race convincingly.

Sunderland cruised to victory in the third race. They lead from the very start and with absolute class in a flawless final race. Winning comfortably by the end of the race

After the games I spoke to the president of Snow Sports, Freya King to ask how she felt they performed.

She said: “I’m happy with how everybody performed. It was a really tight day and a good experience in the pouring rain.

“We were very evenly matched to York could have gone either way. It happened to go their way and fair play to them.”



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