Sunderland Men’s Futsal have had quite a remarkable year as the BUCS League comes to end but just how much has the society grown over the last 12 months?

For the first time the Men’s Futsal 1st’s challenged for the title which was a closely contested between themselves as well as York St John and Teesside.

However, York St John beat Teesside University in the final week of the Round Robin tournament as they were crowned champions.

Even though Sunderland didn’t win the league they can be very proud of there achievements as previous results show how much they have progressed.

Last year the society only won five games compared to the impressive nine that got them so close to the title this time around.

The season began with a friendly at Teesside which the visitors won to show that they were not going to be a push over this season.

However, Sunderland were once again up against Teesside as the league kicked off but it was not the start that Sunderland hoped for as they narrowly lost 2-4.

The defeat was quickly forgotten about as Sunderland then went on a rampage winning the next four games against Sunderland 2nd’s, York 2nd’s and a very extraordinary victory over eventual champions York St John’s 2nd’s .

The progress in the team can be seen as last season Sunderland lost against both York and York St John however, Sunderland demolished York 1-7 and just beat York St John’s 5-7.

The season continued in the same style and Sunderland were on course to lift the title at the end of the season however defeats to rivals Teesside and York St John’s in two very closely fought battles.

President of the Futsal society, Eddy Robertson, commented “We have come a long way this year and I hope the society will continue to grow next year.”