Sunderland's futsal teams compete in the national BUCS league on weekends.

Sunderland’s futsal teams compete in the national BUCS league on weekends.

Niall McGuire says futsal is “a lot of fun” and recommended more students from the University of Sunderland to get involved.

“It’s a really nice end to the week, just before going to work!” chuckled McGuire.

“Everybody’s accommodated for, we’ve got a mix of nationalities and abilities, but we’re all given a chance. Everybody plays equally – nobody’s given special dispensation.”

McGuire was positive about the university’s Futsal Society and urged others to try out.

“I’d tell anybody to come along. If you enjoy football, but don’t want to try out for the first team, why not come along? Everybody is having fun.

“That’s why I’m here – I wanted to play football but the pressure of the football first team is a bit much. It’s like having a kick-about with your mates, but when it comes to matches it’s a bit more.”

McGuire missed out on Sunderland’s 10-5 home loss to Newcastle on Sunday, but is relishing his chance to play next time around.

“I can’t wait to play now, I’m having a lot of fun in training.”

Niall also appreciated the social aspect of playing futsal for the men’s team.

“I’m getting to meet people I wouldn’t normally get to; different people from different courses and playing football, making friends and talking to new people. That’s what uni’s all about!”

Futsal training runs 6-8pm on a Friday, and those interested in getting involved, while improving their ability, have been encouraged to speak to futsal president Eddy Robertson at CitySpace.