Sunderland’s Glenn Foot lost a hotly contested bout on points against Teesside’s Josh Leather despite flooring his opponent hard in the second round on the under card of Liam Smith Vs Liam Williams 2 in Newcastle.

Leather extends his unblemished record to 13-0 while Foot slipped to 21-3.

The fight was marred somewhat by some controversial refereeing. Steve Gray deducted two points from Foot, firstly for punching on the break and a second late on for his gumshield coming out repeatedly.

Foot’s promoter Phil Jeffries was visibly angry as the scores were revealed, literally dropping to his knees and beating the floor in anger at what he deemed unfair cards.

Foot started aggressively from the opening bell, looking to drag Leather into his type of bout. Applying pressure right from the outset.

Leather was under pressure in the second round, and Foot landed a huge right hand, you could hear the impact from ringside as Leather’s back slammed off the canvas.

Foot looked to pile the pressure on and stop Leather, but he managed to survive the round and started to box well.

The middle rounds were very much a case of what you like. Foot was applying relentless pressure, pushing Leather onto the ropes, digging body shots into his opponents midriff and Leather was boxing well in spots and landing some classy shots.

moving in to round 9 both fighters were having success landing heavy shots as the pace of the fight showed no signs of slowing down, there was a bit of afters at the end of the round, Leather leaning his head into Foot.

Foot was deducted his second point in the 10th round as his gumshield came out one too many times for referee Steve Grays liking.

That seemed to give Leather renewed confidence as the fight moved into the championship rounds, throwing huge combos pushing Foot back in the 11th round.

Both fighters finished what was a enthralling contest aggressively. The crowd at ringside all gave a standing ovation for both fighters acknowledging that they both left everything in the ring.