Motorsport is a sport which can be often seen as more expensive and time consuming to participate in compared to maybe football or rugby.

So why does it have thousands of people who take part every weekend on circuits and rally stages who are all so passionate about what they do.

Ian Kirby, a former Sunderland University student, spoke of why he is interested in motorsport and in particular bike racing.

He said: “From the age of four I wanted to ride bikes and my Dad always had them.”

“I remember I always wanted to go out with him and I got upset when he’d not take me with him on the bike.”

He continued: “As I got older I wanted to have my own but my Mam always said no, but I knew eventually I’d get one by the look on Dad’s face as I grew up around them.”

“Then after that I wanted to start racing them but it wasn’t until I got a part-time job at 16 that I could afford to go racing.”

“I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my family. Whether it’s my dad being my mechanic or my sister making us all cups of tea it’s that help that I couldn’t do without.”

Kirby in 2019 will compete in the Club 600 series on a newly acquired Yamaha R6.