The badminton teams struggled having fielded a host of new players.

The badminton teams struggled having fielded a host of new players.

It was an unfortunate start for the men’s badminton season as they fell 8-0 in both the 1st and 2nd teams at Clash of the Minsters on Wednesday.

The annual event between University of Sunderland and York St John’s University featured both singles and doubles matches throughout the day.

The team was full of new and up-and-coming talents but against the more experienced and well drilled St. John’s the quality difference began to show.

The first teams did all that they could as they tried to salvage a point for the team, but struggled to find any momentum. The doubles pairing including Karthikeyan Ramachandran and Philip Nelson came closest all day to a victory, sadly coming out on the losing side 15-21, 16-21.

New first team player Adam Webb feels practice is key for the team to succeed in the future.

“Yeah definitely, more practice will be important,” said Webb. “Hopefully be able to counteract smashes more because that was the area they were dominating us, especially at the front of the court and we had no chance of getting it back.

“It didn’t go to plan we got beat by their doubles team and it was a bit of a mismatch.”


Sadly for the second team, they couldn’t fare any better in both doubles and singles. Once again the lack of practice was evident as there were players who were included in the squad on very short notice who struggled to adjust.

The team to their credit never stopped and always put in the maximum effort, with some playing several games as they filled in to cover for the shortage of players in the second team.

If the effort and enthusiasm can be matched in future practice sessions and games there could well be some positive badminton this year for the Sunderland university teams, who begin their BUCS campaign on October 12.