University of Sunderland basketball captain Dom Karpinskas has given high praise to Leeds Beckett ahead of tomorrow’s fixture between the two sides.

Sunderland got off to a winning start last week with a 70-62 victory over local rivals Teesside while Leeds didn’t play.

Karpinskas, who showed his quality with an impressive performance on opening night, knows about the Beckett programme after two games against them last season.

“I would consider Leeds Beckett as one of the best teams in our league,” he said.

“They have a lot of athletic guys, good shooters who run offence pretty smoothly and I’m pretty sure they have a few national players.

“We played against them a couple of times last year, winning one and losing one.

“It’s hard to determine what will happen tomorrow but we expect to win the game.”

Karpinskas also told SportsByte the advice coach Brian Calder gave the squad after their shaky fourth quarter performance last time out.

A double-digit lead was cut to just eight points by the end of the game but neither coach or captain are panicking.

“He (Calder) told us that basketball has its ups and downs, it’s dynamic,” Karpinskas added.

“The thing we need to work on is how to be more consistent and more patient with the basketball on offence when we have a lead.

“The fourth quarter against Teesside was hard because we missed a lot of shots but we played hard on defence and that’s why we got the win.”