Sunderland bike racer Ian Kirby says that he is aiming to win the Pre-Injection 600 class of the No Limits Racing series in dominating fashion.

The former University of Sunderland student now leads the category by 84 points after a perfect weekend at Donington Park in Derbyshire, where he took pole position followed by four victories in the four races across the two days.

Kirby said on his strong championship position: “We’ve had two weekends now when we’ve gained 100 points. Some of my rivals have also been helping me to an extent by battling amongst each other behind me, meaning that no one can keep up with me because they keep fighting amongst themselves rather than trying to catch me.

“The points are there so we need to just keep going. I don’t want to win the championship by a small margin, I want to obliterate it. I want to get it on my racing CV!”

“Thinking about the championship, from now on I think someone would have to come out of the blue and start winning a few races in a row while I hit problems to be able to catch me and the lead I have.”

Kirby in action at Donington

He commented on his weekend at Donington: “Even though we qualified on pole, I wasn’t that pleased with how I performed but then throughout the first race we were just on it from the word go. That’s how the rest of the weekend went!”

“In the third race of the weekend I made quite a few mistakes and ended up battling with someone who I kept helping out across the weekend by giving him parts and helping him fix his bike. I kind of wish I hadn’t now because he gave me a proper run for my money in that race!”

“We were battling with much faster bikes, especially in that race, we were over the moon. There were a few of the lads on the faster bikes that were happy to see me competing further up the grid and I managed to beat some of the Pirelli Super Series lads as well. We’re doing very well, so far this season we’ve entered 12 races, finished 10 and won 9!”

Round four of the No Limits Championship takes place at Anglesey in Wales this weekend between June 9-10 and Kirby isn’t sure how he is going to perform.

He added: “I’ve never been to Anglesey. I’m trying to learn the track by watching on-board videos. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m going out on a bike I know like the back of my hand, but onto a track that I’ve never rode.”

“Some of the lads have been telling me about some of the corners but I can’t learn exactly what the track is going to be like until I’m actually on it during qualifying.”