After Wednesday’s win against the University of Sheffield’s 3rd team, University of Sunderland Men’s Football 1st team captain Ollie Watt gave his perspective on the season so far.

The leading goal scorer for the oranges began by summarising the key to the teams win on Wednesday: “I think our most important factor was belief.

“Going behind in any game is never easy and for a side which has struggled like we have this year to have the belief and faith that we could turn it round shows that the ability is there within the side we just need to consistently show it”

After playing excellently at left-back in the teams deserved victory last week, Watt expressed his confidence in playing there for the team, considering the lack of options they currently have in the position.

Watt said: “Yeah it was different, I’ve played everywhere for the University over the years but I’ve played left back for other teams over the years and I enjoy the defending side of the game so it wasn’t too much of a change”

Finally, the skipper gave his thoughts on the impressive debut of speedy striker Joe Tunc, commenting on his impact and the difference he brings to the side: “Joe had a superb game and offers a different kind of outlet for us.

“We try to keep the ball on the ground and play but sometimes you have to go long and Joe’s pace means we can look in behind for him. He had chances to score but I have no doubt he’ll be on the score sheet soon enough and be an important part of the side”

The pair will be hoping to impress once again with head coach Phil Naisbett planning on starting the two in similar roles next time out against the appraised Durham University 2nds. Until then, the hard work to form a winning streak continues for the lads.