Sunderland Men’s Hockey have had a disappointing season not picking up any points, the team have lost all 4 games so far in the campaign and ends the year with a goal difference of -31.  

Sunderland started the campaign with a 4-0 defeat to the University of York 3rd’s at home. Things didn’t get much better for Sunderland as they were defeated the week after by Leeds 5th’s 10-0 and then in the third game of the season they were humiliated by Teesside University 1st’s when they were defeated 16-0 at home.

In the final game before the Christmas break the team drastically improved when they played Hull 2nd’s although the encounter ended with a 2-1 win to Hull. Despite Sunderland’s poor results they don’t sit at the bottom of the league with York 3rd’s suffering a points deduction in three games throughout the season.

Senior player Luke Duncombe said: “Compared to the previous season, this season has been a serious improvement. New players have come in strengthened the side which has been a massive help, but we’ve also had a few people join who are completely new to the sport, but they are picking it up at a rapid rate.”

From the results at the start of the season, the team has progressed massively going from thrashings to a close result with Hull away.

Luke also said: “With James Marsden as captain passing on his knowledge to everyone, we now find ourselves in close games, whereas in previous years we’ve never really had a look in.

“Its been very unfortunate that we haven’t picked up a win yet, but I think in the new year results will start going our way, as shown we have the ability to win.”

Sunderland will hope be hoping to pick up their first points of the season when the hockey season resumes. The first game that Sunderland have is against York 3rd’s on January 24.