An aerial view of St James’ Park in Newcastle.

A large outcry for more high-profile rugby matches in the North East has been met with the news that Newcastle is set to host the European Club finals in 2019.

The finals include the European Rugby Challenge Cup and the Champions Cup.

Newcastle have had great success with both the Rugby World Cup and Magic Weekend at St James’ Park and the atmosphere has been electric at both events.

Magic Weekend has been a massive success in the North East region with both events providing record attendances of 67,000 and 68,000 over the course of the weekend the previous best was 64,000 at the in Manchester’s Etihad Stadium in 2014.

The next two cities to host the European Club finals are Edinburgh and Bilbao in two 60,000+ seater stadiums and with Newcastle becoming more and more successful with Rugby events, you can expect a fantastic day for the finals.

St James’ Park was the venue for Rugby World Cup games including South Africa, New Zealand, Samoa, Scotland and Tonga. The competition also created £43 million in revenue for the region, which demonstrates the large benefits these events have on the North East.

The Rugby World Cup website confirmed after the event that £958 million was spent in the UK by international visitors, and that £2.7 billion was attributed to inward UK investment directly related to the competition in 2015. On top of that, 80 per cent of international visitors said they would return to the UK.

This shows that the Rugby World Cup’s impact was much bigger than a lot of people would have expected and, with Newcastle hosting Magic Weekend for the third year in a row, many Rugby fans will be hyped and excited for the event which should lead to a financially successful final at St James’.