Jay Hughes (Right) is now training under Padraic Mcdonagh. Photo Credit: Greg Corcoran

In his short time as a professional boxer, Jay Hughes has fought under the watchful eye of his trainer David Binns and promoter Phil Jeffries.

But after a recent split with his veteran coach, the 20-year-old has decided to start a new venture in his career, moving to Leeds to join with up and coming trainer Padraic Mcdonagh.

The man nicknamed ‘Jay Boy’ said: “I will now be training in Leeds full time out of the Golden Team gym.

Padraic Mcdonagh, who is now my new trainer, is a very good coach and is up and coming on the professional scene.”

The North-East man will also no longer be a part of Jeffries’ promotional stable and will be promoted by Mark Bateson Promotions.

Hughes feels he is now on the right track in his career and is excited about the future – “I am hoping to at least win an area title before the end of 2018, after myself and Padraic have worked together and he believes I am ready for titles,” he said.

North-East sports fans are renowned for their support and Hughes acknowledged his fans – “I will be making my next appearance at the begging of next year around February time.

I hope all of my fans back in the North East can come down Leeds for my next fight and show the exact same support as they have in my previous fights.”