Sunderland-based Made4thecage has become one of the top MMA promotions in the UK. Picture: Twitter.

North East MMA organisation Made4TheCage have been officially announced as the 21st team to compete in the first ever MMA World Cup.

The competition, which begins May 13 in Russia, will see organisations from all over the globe go head-to-head in the tournament, the likes of which the world has never seen before. There are teams set to represent various promotions from over 16 countries and across six continents including Fightstar, Eternal and Modern Fighting Pankration.

The cup is in partnership with World Series Of Fighting Global, which means Made4TheCage and their fighters will be on display around the world and have the opportunity to show their talent against other global organisations.

The company announced their entry to the competition via their official website, with founder Dale Percival saying: “Our organisation was created to bring a top MMA show to the North East of England for both fighters and fans to enjoy.

“We are thrilled to be joining with World Series Of Fighting Global and participating in The MMA World Cup. We want to not only be the best MMA organisation in our region, but also prove our talent can compete against some of the very best in the world.”

World Series Of Fighting president Shawn Wright explained why Made4TheCage have been invited to take part in the competition: “Made4TheCage has proven repeatedly that they have some of the very best fighters, not only throughout England, but throughout all of the UK and the World.

“We are proud to have them represent their region and we know their fighters will take a lot of pride in trying to bring The MMA World Cup trophy back home.”

Made4TheCage’s next event, their 24th overall, is scheduled for May 27 at Rainton Meadows Arena and will host fights which will be part of the tournament. It is also expected that they will host the final of the tournament in England on November 25.

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