Sunderland fans during the Sky Bet Championship match at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.

Sunderland and Newcastle fans have been praised for their good behaviour this season.

End of season figures released by Northumbria Police show that just only 80 arrests were made over the 2017-2018 season between the two clubs, with just eight banning orders in total.

43 arrests were for Newcastle United supporters, with 37 for Sunderland supporters.

They are impressive figures, given over 1.5 million tickets were sold for Newcastle and Sunderland matches this season. That works out at one arrest per 18,000 fans.

The success is largely due to Northumbria Police’s Neighbourhood Policing Team who liaise with supporters and attend meetings in order to stay on top of unrest. Local police officers also travel to away games.

Connor Bromley, a Sunderland season ticket holder who hosts Roker Rapport TV, said the impressive figures come as no surprise: “Sunderland are known for their passionate support.”

But that passion never seems to spill into something nastier. It is no shock to me to see Sunderland and Newcastle getting praised by Northumbria police for their behaviour over the season.”

Sergeant Chris Blyth of the Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “It has been a very successful season from a policing point of view and that has a lot to do with the supporters themselves.

“They have engaged with us, told us how they want to be policed and behaved themselves throughout the season. That has made it easy for us.

“There may have been contrasting seasons on the pitch but in the stands there have been very few issues and everyone has always been in good spirits.

“Our officers have worked hard to embed themselves with supporters and at the end of the day they are football fans themselves who love being part of that atmosphere.

“They are there because they want people to enjoy the match day experience without getting themselves in trouble or putting other people at risk.

“We will be working hard throughout the summer to prepare ourselves for a new season with some new away days pencilled into the calendar.

“Our officers will be looking forward to making some new friends again next year and seeing some familiar faces out supporting their team with passion and pride.”

You can follow Northumbria Police’s football policing accounts on Twitter: @NPNUFC and @NPSAFC.