Sunderland City Predators Netball Coach Natalie Connor discusses the controversial Telegraph article which she calls ‘poorly researched’.

Connor questions whether or not journalist Sally Peck really understood Netball, citing the fact Peck is American and therefore has limited knowledge of a more established Commonwealth sport.

The Predators Coach also raises concerns about the survey mentioned in Peck’s article, which was part of the Active Inspiration Campaign ran by Virgin Active.

According to Peck, the poll asked teenage girls to rank the sports in order of preference, with Netball being ranked 41st of a possible 44 sports. To which Connor responded: “I’m not sure where those statistics came from; so I would like to see the survey!”

And Connor is not alone in questioning Peck. Predators Netball player Abbie Taylor, told SportsByte that she viewed some of Peck’s comments as ‘sexist’ and having ‘an underlying issue’ with Netball.

The full interview with Taylor can be found here.

Connor later applauded The Telegraph for it’s response to the story, with two follow-up articles from Super League Netball player Joanne Walker and the Chair of Middlesex County Netball League Claire Keen, both of whom debated the original story.

She also went on to talk about the future of Netball, how the sport can prove the critics wrong and how the England Netball team will fare in the Commonwealth Games in July.



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