University of York Men Badminton’s Prithvi Tejpal Shah.

Men’s single player from University of York Badminton Team, Prithvi Tejpal Shah claimed that Zola Tang is The University of Sunderland’s best single player.

University of York Men’s Badminton team grabbed a win against University of Sunderland team, five games to three in the final result.

One of the visitor’s single player, Prithvi Tejpal Shah, contributed to one of the total five scored by York. Prithvi played in two games, each against Sunderland’s single players: Zola Tang and Michael Mow.

He lost against Zola in his first game, but edged Michael for his second game.

Prithvi said: “In the first game, I lost against Zola. It was a close game. I wasn’t sharp enough.

“But in the second game, I was in control against Michael.

“Actually I enjoyed the first game, even though I lost. Zola was the best single player (from University of Sunderland side).”

Prithvi also added: “It’s pity that Dan Martyres couldn’t play the first game (loss by default because he was late), but eventually we won so we are happy.

“Hopefully we can win in the next round.”