It was a season to forget for Sunderland Ultimate Frisbee as they ended the season bottom of the table with minus three points from their seven games in their BUCS campaign, as well as a first round defeat in the cup.

At the start of the season, only their third as a club, the Spinners were looking to build on their 2016-2017 which saw them finish sixth with two wins, as well as reaching the last of 16

With the core of that year’s side kept from the previous season and fresh crop of new players, things were looking hopeful for Sunderland, especially after a Varsity win over York St John, but it turned out to be a “disappointing campaign” for club president James Davison’s team.

“This season hasn’t gone as well as expected, for a number of reasons really.” Davison said.

“Although we managed to keep more of last year’s players than in previous seasons, we also had almost a completely new team of people new to the sport and had to start from scratch.

“Even though we had a coach this season from start to finish, I think part of the problem was that we only trained indoors once a week, then went straight into matches without training, and learning to throw in outdoor conditions.”

Sunderland started the campaign off with a hard contested match away to Northumbria 1sts which saw them lose 12-4 but was seen as a step in the right direction against a much better and more experienced side.

However, the team’s fortunes quickly took a downhill turn as they lost 2-15, 15-1, 0-15 to University of York, Sheffield Hallam and Durham seconds respectively, before a walkover loss to University of Hull due to an inability to field a team concluded the first half of the season.

After the Christmas break, the Spinners entered the second half of the season hopeful, as they got to face similar level opposition.

They kicked off the new year with a dramatic loss on universe point to York St John after surrendering a three point lead, before the game against Durham thirds was called off due to rain.

For the final game of the season, history repeated itself as Sunderland, yet again surrendered a sizeable lead, to lose 7-9 on universe point to Northumbria seconds, wrapping up an underwhelming campaign.

“Last season was very disappointing but it’s in the past now and we’ve got to look ahead. and use it as a learning curve” president Davison said.

“Our aims for next season is to build on the team we’ve got, and hopefully recruit a lot more players and get them up to speed quicker this time around.

“With only being a small squad for the last couple of years it has proven difficult to gather a full team every match but with new recruits and the now more experienced current team, I think next season is looking brighter.”