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Sunderland Spartans got their first win of the season on Sunday, shutting-out Newcastle Raiders in a 14-0 win.

Running-back Misba Islam ran into the end-zone for both scores, and the win sees Sunderland move above Newcastle in the BUCS 1A North table.

Islam was delighted with the touchdowns, but also for the side picking up their first win.

“It’s always a class feeling scoring once but twice is just awesome,” he said. “But it was a team effort.

“The game was awesome. We showed how we can play when everything clicks.

“First half we were tentative second half we smashed it. Defence showed their potential and offence finally got off the mark.

“A full turnout to training was vital, and we got that. That turnout meant we went in to this game knowing what we were facing.”

The win was a much-needed boost for the Spartans, who will go into the winter break with plenty of confidence ahead of a re-match against Glasgow on February 5.

Islam went on to discuss the future of the Spartans: “This is just the start of the revival of our season. Next year were going to be even better. Offense will put points up and defense will have more shut outs.”

Spartans’ away fixture against Glasgow is at Garscube Sports Complex, on the same day as SuperBowl 51.