Sunderland Spartans suffered a heavy defeat on the opening day of the season, losing 42-0 to a Glasgow Tigers side who many are tipping for glory.

The Spartans, with head coach Pete Nichol filling in at quarterback in place of the suspended Trevor Hill, struggled to contain an explosive Tigers team, conceding two touchdowns early on in the 1st quarter, with only one of those scores being converted by Glasgow’s kicker.

Things went from bad to worse for the Spartans after a bad snap from the center left QB Nichol with no option but to fall on the ball in his own end zone, conceding the safety which left the score at 15-0 at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was more of the same for the shell-shocked hosts. After a lengthy injury delay, the Tigers continued where they had left off, scoring another two converted touchdowns against a Spartans defence which struggled to contain their opponents all game.

With the score 29-0 heading into the second half, the Spartans defence began to click, forcing the visitors to punt the ball on successive drives. However, the Tigers offence could not be held out and with seconds remaining in the third, Glasgow made their way through the Spartans secondary to score their fifth touchdown of the game.

The Spartans defence continued to improve throughout the game, picking off the Tigers quarterback on 4th down to give the ball back to QB Nichol and his offence. However, the hosts’ offence quickly went three and out to put the ball back in the hands of the Tigers QB, who had controlled the game throughout. The Tigers finished off the one-sided game by scoring and converting another touchdown, making the final score 42-0.

After the game, Glasgow Tigers head coach Ian Cochran explained how his sides first half performance enabled him to experiment with his squad for the rest of the game.

“I thought that it would be a much closer game than it was. At the halftime, we decided we were going to try and get people game time so we rotated through because if you make the three-hour drive down here, you don’t want to cheat people out of game time.”

He also explained where he thought things went wrong for the Spartans.

“I think there are a lot of individually good players but for one reason or another, they didn’t come together. I thought of defence that the defensive line and the linebackers sat back a lot which meant we had a lot of success running the ball.”

Sunderland Spartans are away on November 12 for their next match against Hull Sharks.