Sunderland fell to a narrow defeat.

Sunderland fell to a narrow defeat.

Sunderland Spartans lost a close encounter against Glasgow Tigers, with a final score of 6-2 to the Scots on Sunday.

After a scoreless first half, Sunderland took the lead through a safety in the third quarter.

A poor snap from Glasgow on fourth down saw the ball go straight over the head of the punter, who was forced to dive it in the end zone. This gave the Spartans a 2-0 lead.

However, following two unsportsmanlike penalties from the same Sunderland player – which resulted in an ejection – Glasgow had a 1st & Goal on Sunderland’s 10 yard line, from which they managed to punch the ball into the end zone through Lewis James King for a touchdown.

The Glaswegians failed to covert their PAT after a muffed snap.

The remainder of the fourth quarter was similar to the majority of the game, which was a back and fourth battle of field position.

Despite the loss, spirits are high in the Sunderland camp, with team President Sherief El-Shakankery praising the team’s performance.

“The whole team came together, put in 100 per cent and gelled beyond anything we could have expected.

“Although we lost, the coaches and the captains, including myself were extremely impressed with the whole teams effort.”

“The penalties changed the momentum of the game undeniably and without them, the way the game was going, we should have taken the win.

“With that being said Glasgow were undefeated last season so considering the circumstances, we’re very disappointed with the outcome, but we’re proud of our performance and quietly optimistic about the season.”

Glasgow Tigers head coach Ian Cochrane admitted Sunderland matched them throughout.

“Sunderland maximised when we screwed up on our special teams to allow the safety.”

Late on in the final quarter, Sunderland’s offence had a productive drive, with thanks to some good passing plays and solo runs from quarterback Curtis Dixon.

However, with less than a minute on the clock, the Spartans failed to convert from 4th & 10 inside Glasgows half, which consequently led the Tigers to victory formation.

Cochrane added: “It was squeaky bum time after the two minute warning when Sunderland made that drive, which fortunately for us didn’t materialise into points.”

Spartans’ next game is an away fixture to Hull Sharks on November 20.