Sunderland Spinners Ultimate Frisbee team coach Danny Venton was keen to take the positives from yet another 15-0 defeat away at Durham University 2nds on Wednesday.

The University of Sunderland side have continued to make improvement, but have still been unable to score a point in their three games so far.

Bucs LogoThe Spinners only had seven players available for the trip, meaning every player had to play the duration of the match, whereas Durham had a squad of 12 and rolled players on after each point.

Durham’s experience showed throughout the encounter, although this was the best Sunderland had played all season – causing numerous turnovers all over the pitch, including a couple in the opposition end zone. However, they were still unable to score a point.

Venton said: “I’m disappointed that we couldn’t punch it to the end zone again. But overall our defence is becoming something even the top teams are having to think about and adjust to.

“I’m really proud of that for a team that’s not training much or not playing much. I’m really proud with how we’re going, each game we’re getting better.

“We need experience and more confidence on the disk. I know a lot of guys are a bit nervous when they’re handling, which obviously only comes with time – you can’t teach it. But by the back end of the season we’ll have our offence a bit more regulated, a bit more calmer and able to pick apart someone else’s defence.

“After Christmas, we need to build on what we’ve got, I think we can rest on our defence now. I’m certain we can cause turnovers. It’s just turning the turnovers into points in good field position.”



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