Episode 2 of the SportsBooth podcast comes to you this week on Thursday November 2 and will cover a range of topics stretching from Simon Grayson leaving Sunderland to South Shields squeezing into second qualifying round of the FA Trophy

Part one this week will almost exclusively look at Sunderland and where they go from here since Simon Grayson has been sacked as manager. We will also analyse the last couple of Sunderland games including Tuesday’s 3-3 draw with Bolton.

All of us in the studio also saw Monday’s terrible game between Burnley and Newcastle, so we will look at the situation at Newcastle and assess what their goals for this season should be.

Part two as always will cover non-league football. The Northern League is always at the forefront of our courage and our experts will discuss what is happening down the lower rungs of the ladder.

Guests this week are as follows: