Since Formula1 confirmed they would be scrapping ‘grid girls’ for the upcoming 2018 season, there have been calls for other sports to follow suit. Boxing and MMA have been criticised for their continued use of ring girls.

Organisations such as The Women’s Sport Trust, have been vocal in the campaign to rid all sports of female models.They told HuffPost UK that their issue with using women as ring-girls, walk-on girls and grid girls is “the message it gives about how women are valued in society”.

As the debate around the objectification of women in sport continues, SportsByte spoke to Georgia Lea Brown, a full-time visual merchandiser. She has been a ‘cage girl’ for North East MMA promotion Made4thecage for the past three years.

Speaking about the decision to ban grid girls, Brown expressed her disappointment at the ruling. She said: “I don’t agree with cancelling grid girls/walks at all. I feel if the girls are happy doing it, there is no problem.

“A lot of women will be very disappointed to lose a job that some not only rely on for money, but also enjoy doing.

“I’ve done so much promotional work myself from ring girl to motorsport and I always enjoy it.” 

The 25-year-old stated she always feels safe and is shown a lot of respect at events: “It’s always very professional and I feel safe, happy and I have a lot of fun doing it!

“Most of the work I’ve done is very well paid and I’ve always been treated with respect.”

Brown believes there is no issue with the job if the individual is happy doing it: “I just believe any person should be able to feel free to work and be who they are. If certain people do not agree with that type of work, they do not have to do it. That is the individual’s choice.

Boxing promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have both publicly stated they have no intention, at the minute, of banning ring girls from their shows. As the debate continues, what do you think should happen?