Teesside claimed their first Varsity victory of the day in archery with a narrow win  over their Sunderland counterparts.

Sunderland led by 9 points, the equivalent of one arrow, at the mid-point and Sunderland President, Dean Eke, remarked that the game was: “Pant-wettingly close at one point”.

Unfortunately, Sunderland  faltered during the second round of play and finished 107 points behind their rivals.

The final score saw Teeside with a combined total of 1,798 to Sunderland’s 1,691.

However there was individual glory for Sunderland’s most talented archer, Daniel Simmons. He finished the day with a total of 557 in the Recurve category and was the overall top scorer.

Club Secretary, founder and coach, Andrew Ingleby, applauded the efforts of his squad and that of Teesside.

“It was a lot of fun, we were unlucky and Teesside shot so well overall,” said Ingleby. “107 points isn’t a lot to lose by considering with another 10 arrows we could have won”.

Teesside’s Archery president, Alex Leech, was in great spirits after the win, but reserved special praise for the hosts: “Sunderland did a great job of hosting us and we can’t wait to come back in the near future.

“It was a lot of fun and that’s always the most important thing”.

When pressed on rumours of a future derby emerging between the two teams, Newcastle and Durham, both men remained coy but enthusiastic about the possibility – noting that it was just an idea at the moment.

The loss doesn’t affect Sunderland’s overall chances all too much as Teesside were forced to withdraw from three events, gifting Sunderland three points by default.



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