University of Sunderland Badminton first team doubles player, Gerald Kenedy.

The University of Sunderland Badminton first team saved the day for the home team against the University of Durham’s third team at City Space.

On paper, the win should have been there for Sunderland to take as they played at home against Durham’s third team.

In the end, however, out of eight matches played – four singles and four doubles – the score was even.

Sunderland’s second doubles, Yi Liang/ Gerald Kenedy were beaten in their first game against Durham’s top pair.

In their second game, the last game of the day between the two sides, they fell short of expectations against Durham in the first set, 17 to 21. Yi/Gerald then won the second set with comfortable 21-5 to force the game into the rubber set.

In the rubber set, Yi/Gerald were able to save the home team from a loss and clinch the draw.

“Our team played well today, just need more patience, change of pace and better communication.”

“Even though they are the third team in Durham, the opponents are quite good. They have skills, the way they sent the shuttlecocks.”

“For the next game, we need to get better physically to avoid fatigue during the game.”