Sunderland have struggled to field six players regularly throughout the season.

The University of Sunderland mixed golf team suffered another damaging defeat on Wednesday away to Hull 1sts.

President Josh Carr and Captain Will Herron both suffered defeats out first, while the next two matches also ended in close defeats.

Once again Sunderland golfers were unable to field a full team, meaning they started the game 2-0 down before a ball was hit.

In response to this, Carr said: “I’m very disappointed that we couldn’t field a full team again, and again it made things very tough against Hull.

“For all they were a good side, and even with six it would have been a tough game, we still could have maybe stolen a point with a full side.”

Leading the team out first, Herron came up against an inspired performance by Jerome Foster and was ultimately defeated 4&3.

Carr followed his captain and put in a strong performance, although it wasn’t enough to secure a win and he lost 4&3 too.

The next two matches, involving Kevin Moran and David Barwise, both ended in defeat as well and ultimately succumbed Sunderland to another devastating defeat.

Sunderland still sit second from bottom in the BUCS Northern 2B league, but with a win in their final they could still move up to sixth in the table.

When asked about their one remaining game, Carr said: “I just hope we can get six players, simple as that.

“It’s really tough to play without a full side, and having the chance to move up to sixth in the table then we’re desperate to get six players.

“The week off we have before this game we have a coaching session with Gary [Shipley], so hopefully we will be fully prepared.”

Sunderland’s golfers have this week off now, and their next game comes on March 15 where they play Durham 3rds away from home.