University of Sunderland secured a third place finish in the women’s beginner category as they enjoyed a good day at the Indoor Rowing Series at Durham University on Wednesday.

Cara Riggall finished in a time of 3:39.4, just nine-tenths of a second off first place. This strong performance ment that Riggall finished in a well deserved third place.

While in the men’s heavyweight category, Nick McGurk placed eighth and in the men’s lightweight fellow Sunderland rower Bono Ho placed fifth.

Liam McGrath continued Sunderland’s impressive day by finishing tenth out of 44 in the men’s beginner category. Holger Sturn, Joseph Eltringham, Matthew Wilson and John Cragga also placed in the 44 in the men’s beginner category.

Meanwhile, Misa Lenkendorferova and Michelle Hahn joined third placed Riggall in placing in the women’s beginner category.