Spartans vs Sharks sounds like a cheesy late-night B-movie to me.

On Sunday we travelled to Hull to play against the UH Sharks in a pre-season friendly; the final score being 7-2 to the Sharks. Hull are a division above us, so we were outnumbered, to begin with, many of the Spartans did not get a break between defensive and offensive plays but powered through.  All of the rookie players got game time, it has given us a good idea of what we need to improve and we have a good foundation to build on as the season continues.

Although we lost it was a close game and an invaluable experience for all the rookies, myself included, that played; even though a few of us came back a little worse for wear. One rookie, Ben Jefferson, made an interception reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, with an orange-clad hero coming out of nowhere, grabbing the ball mid-air from in front of one of the sharks and sliding ten yards across the pitch.  Another player Jesse Thompson, number 71, scored our only two points by bulldozing his way through the Sharks O-line and sacking the quarterback in his own end zone.

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