University of Sunderland’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Sunderland Spinners, and captain James Davison are looking forward to restarting the season in the new year, despite sitting bottom of the BUCS league.

So far the Spinners have lost all 5 of their games played, including a walkover loss to Hull 1st’s after they were unable to field a team and drubbings at the hands of Sheffield Hallam 2nd’s and Durham 2nd’s who they lost to 15-1 and 15-0 respectively.

But Davison is optimistic is things will turn around for Sunderland as they look towards the second half of their first full season with coach Paul Unwin, who the captain believes is quickly improving his side.

[infogram id=”sunderland-spinners-points-withwithout-coach-1h7v4pjqj8l84k0″]

Davison said: “There’s been definite improvements with our coach. A lot of people have started this year that have never played before and with a new coach we can keep people on track and make sure we’re heading along the right lines.”

After the winter break Sunderland will host Durham University 3rd’s, in a rescheduled game after the previous fixture was postponed, and Northumbria 2nd’s before heading to rivals York St John in their final game of the season and Davison believes it’s a great opportunity for his side to pick up some points and is fully focused on the next fixture.

“We’ve got three games left, all in which I think we’ve got a good chance,’ the handler said. ‘Looking at previous results Durham are a similar level to us, I think York St John beat them and I would consider York as a very similar club to ours.”

“We’ve got a good chance, we’re gonna play our usual game, what we know and what we’ve been practicing in training but we’ll see how it goes.”