Team Sunderland women’s Volleyball took an easy victory against Loughborough as they won three sets to none.

The first set began with Loughborough on serve but Sunderland took the lead, controlling early in the set to lead 8-3. Jessica Arnson setting near-perfect plays for the Wearsiders to soon race into a solid 13-6 lead.

Stoppage time was called by Loughborough to break the momentum but the game stayed in favor of the home side as they lead 17-9. Loughborough continued to struggle as Team Sunderland won the set 25-15.

Second set on and the away side lead 2-1 in a very fast paced game. Loughborough seemed to be having problems receiving and returning attacks as Sunderland regained control 5-3.

Loughborough then lead as they took advantage of the open back line of Sunderland – 8-6. Coach Anderson called a stoppage for Sunderland to regain control.

It seemed to work as they closed from behind to within a point midway through the second set.

The comeback continued as Sunderland got 20-19 in front in the second set, and held on to win 25-20.

Referee Michal Feterlich then gave a yellow card to Loughborough’s coach for calling a third time out resulting in a time delay.

Sunderland raced into a 6-1 lead early in the third set, continuing to dominate Loughborough. The home side soon lead 13-10, controlling the match and not giving way to the opposition.

The Wearsiders completed the straight sets victory, taking the final set 25-13 to win 3-0.