Team Sunderland's basketballers have only lost once this season.

Team Sunderland’s basketballers have only lost once this season.

Team Sunderland’s basketball coach Brian Calder is happy with the structure and mentality of his squad this season.

He said: “The mentality of my team just reinforces where they’re at,” in regards to Team Sunderland’s league position.

He added: “I have got some good leaders and other players really competent that.”

Sunderland have shown their strong mentality and character throughout the season. In the last game against Calderdale Explorers Sunderland were trailing by 10 points at half time.

But Calder’s men managed to come from behind and win the game in the last quarter.

The head coach also praised the whole squad, not just the first team. He said: “We have a squad of 15, which some players are probably not at the same level as others.

“But to be a successful team as we are, they are an important part of preparation and practice.”

Calder also praised the new players who joined the team in the summer. He said: “We have got continuity from last year and we have introduced three new players, and the lads have picked it up well which is a credit to them.”

Team Sunderland will need all members of the squad to continue their promotion bid and take on promotion rivals Manchester Giants and Tameside in 2017.