Team Sunderland captain Jonathan WiIlias on the attack

Team Sunderland continued their undefeated start to the season as they took three clean sets from Norwich spikers in a match which coach Keith Sowden changed formation several times.

Team Sunderland and Norwich Spikers started the first set chasing each other on points, both teams took the serve with each point going five to five. The first technical stoppage in the match was called by Norwich coach Ann-Marie Mathews. Team Sunderland widened the gap when they took charge of a four-point lead Michal Feterlich setted the attacking balls towards Steven Anderson and Gugleirmo Culterera.

The Wearsiders took a six-point lead 19-13 in the first half, Coach Keith Sowden substituted setter Michal Feterlich for setter Geno Spasov. It was 24 -19 when Aaron Granados missed a serve for Norwich Spikers which gave team Sunderland the first set 25-19.

The Second set began with Team Sunderland taking the lead, Coach Sowden tried different formation since was on the leading side. Norwich spikers were trailing behind Team Sunderland trying to come back in the second set but the gap in points was wide to make a comeback 24-16.

The Wearsiders took the second set easily 25-17 the Away team seemed to struggle with catching up having played amazingly on attack nut poorly on defense.

The Home side kept asserting dominance in the third set taking a 6-3 lead against Norwich Spikers in the beginning of the set. Norwich spikers tried hard to come back but Team Sunderland kept a solid lead ahead when they took the last set 25-22 winning three sets clean.