Team Sunderland secured a 3-0 away win against the Nottingham rockets taking top in the M2N division.

The first set saw a three to one lead for Team Sunderland but the Rockets pushed back to take the lead four to three. The first set was very close with each team at each other’s neck.

With the score eight to seven for the Rockets, the Wearsiders coach Sowden called for a stoppage. Team Sunderland turned the tables around after the stoppage clearing ahead 19-13.

They then closed the first set 25-13, with Gugleirmo Culterera and Jonathan Willias from Sunderland were the stars of the first set.

Team Sunderland swept the beginning of the second set taking a solid lead starting with sub Alaedein Ajeeb who was taken out shortly after a stoppage that was called by the Rockets coach.

With Sunderland leading 13-5 the home side lost their libero due to an injury. Coach Sowden seized the opportunity of leading 18-5 and sent the subs in.

The Wearsiders took the second set 25-10 as the home team began to lose their focus and their grip on the set after their libero was ruled out.

The third set started with the away team taking a three to two lead – Jonathan Willis and David Chandler Performing well up front.

Throughout the set Sunderland kept clear by three points with the home side tailing on their backs. And it was soon game, set and match Team Sunderland as they took the win 24-21 winning three sets clean.