Photo credit: Jenny Goodfellow

On Sunday Team Sunderland’s Futsal team defeated Liverpool University in the Northern Conference Cup final.

The game ended 5-3 in favour of Team Sunderland, who were playing at home in CitySpace.

Sunderland were the underdogs for the Northern Conference Cup but prevailed to come out as champions, the home side scored twice in the first half through Tom Bailey and Rany Youssef.

Liverpool scored their first goal in the 18th minute and equalised in the 32nd minute, the level of intensity was raised when Tom Bailey was injured but Sunderland came back with three goals from Youssef, Lewis McKay and Anas Al-Essa to secure the win for Sunderland.

Sunderland’s fan reaction during and after the match:

Post match interview with Team Sunderland coach Andy Lindridge:

Rany Youssef talks about his goal in the match: