Michal Feterlich on the attack for Sunderland

Team Sunderland men’s Volleyball completed a great comeback to win a five set thriller 3-2 against Nottingaham University.

The Wearsiders took the lead only to be pegged back 3-1 by the opposition. Sunderland turned the tables though to lead 7-6 points after an argument over the positioning of Nottingham’s Jason Weedon.

Then with the set tied 11-11 Michal Feterlich set a fast ball to David chandler who spiked the ball, and the home side were soon five points clear.

Sunderland took the first 25-16 after amazing defensive play, as captain Steven Anderson and Gugleirmo di Montesano stared in the final points.

With the beginning of the second set Jason Weedon from Nottingham received a yellow card for arguing with the referee.

The Nottingham side took control of the second set leading 6-3, with most points obtained through attacking serves. Sunderland Coach Keith Sowden called for a technical stoppage to regain team focus.

Team Sunderland managed to fight back to lead 15-13, taking advantage of the weak defensive opposition line. With the Wearsiders leading 21-17 the set was very close as both teams showed splendid game play.

Nottingham made a comeback as Jason Weedon and John Goranson won points to take the set to a tie 25-25. Nottingham managed to take the set though to level the score it 1-1.

In the third set Sunderland took the first point as Carlos Neves set towards Steven Anderson to take the point. The Nottingham side turned the tables though, to lead 6-3.

Trailing back by 4 points team Sunderland struggled to break through Nottingham’s defense, but they managed to close the gap with Nottingham leading 14-16.

Nottingham dominating the final length of the third set leading 23-17 two points away from taking the set, eventually taking the set 25-19.

Sunderland take the lead 3-2 in the beginning of the fourth set, as the opposition calls for a technical stoppage. It didn’t help the away side though has Sunderland continued to race into a 23-19 lead, before eventually winning 25-20 to take the match to a deciding set.

The Wearsiders came out in the final set strong, taking a 3-0 lead with high momentum and a fierce atmosphere. Nottingham lost the first five points before they won one back to make it 5-1. But as the teams changed sides half way through the set, Sunderland were 8-3 in front.

It was a lead that Team Sunderland never let slip, as the won the final set and completed an astounding come back to win the match three sets to two.