Team Sunderland Volleyball secured a great win at home against Polska Przychdonia intervolley Manchester, coming from behind after losing a set to win 3-1.

Manchester started the first set with the serve but it was Team Sunderland who took the first three points as number 5 David Chandler spiked his way through the Manchester sides defence.

However, the score was soon 9 points to 9, with Sunderland coach Keith Sowden calling for a time break.

Sunderland managed to break the deadlock and went 16-14 ahead with a narrow lead. Przychdonia fought hard and kept the score close trying to push Team Sunderland back.

The Manchester side managed to get in front and Sowden quickly called another time break as his side were down 21-18.

Polska Przychdonia held on and won the first set after a floating serve hit the net from Sunderland’s George Tzagakis, ending the set 25-21.

As the second set got on the way, the Manchester side took an early 5-1 lead as they looked to control the match, dominating Team Sunderland. Sunderland did regain points but the opposition kept a solid 5-point margin.

Team Sunderland closed the gap to a tie 13-13 showing more focus in play. The second set, mostly dominated by the Manchester team but Sunderland did fight  back to a 20-20 tie.

Sunderland managed to get their first set after a poor start taking things back to one set each – 25-23.

With both teams tied, Sunderland started off the third set in the right way with a solid defence, quickly going a five point lead.

Sunderland’s third position spiker Feterlich and Capitan Steven Anderson carried the team through to secure the set 25-20.

Keeping their dominance, the Wearsiders then took a 5-0 lead in the fourth set. Manchester struggled to regain control over the match with many points lost due to technical fouls.

The match match began to be heavily dominated by Sunderland going into a eight point lead with pressure on the Manchester side growing as their team became very tense.

The Manchester players started to argue over the rotation of the serving player which stopped the match for 15 minutes, as the tension began to rise.

However, the stoppage just delayed the outcome as Team Sunderland stole the win from the Manchester team 25-20 to take the match points three sets to one and sealing their first victory of the season in the M2N Division.