Teesside Wildcats performing their cheer routine

Teesside Wildcats performing their cheer routine

Teesside Wildcats kicked off the Cheerleading competition with a jam-packed routine as they out-performed Sunderland to win the Varsity point.

The girls in orange and black were synchronised throughout and on point with all their lifts and stunts, apart from one failed lift at the start of the performance.

The home team performed an up-beat routine to a melody of popular pop songs, such as Uptown Funk, Timber and finished the routine with a dance sequence to Beyoncé’s Run The World.

The Wildcats’ faultless dance routine showcased many talents and executed the Level 2 difficulty with ease.

Sunderland Stars followed with their cheer routine. The Stars put in a top-class performance with another full-on and difficult routine.

Stars performed to a melody of pop songs such as, Glad You Came, Gravity and What Does the Fox Say. A difficult group lift was attempted in the middle of the routine and with encouragement from the audience they managed to pull it off.

To finish the visitors pulled off a stunning final dance sequence to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.



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