Foundation of Light Managing Director Jamie Wright looked back at the success of the Sunderland Scholarship scheme in its first two years and highlighted what makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Wright, who has overseen the creation and development of the scheme, was quick to praise his team of talented coaches and teachers who work with the students on a daily basis.

“From nothing to where we are now is an amazing achievement. The staff that deliver on the Scholarship are extremely dedicated and passionate to working with these young people.”

With the Scholarship already having success in the form of players signing pro deals, Wright underlined how crucial moving the Scholars into to work and education is to the scheme.

“For me it’s about where the students end up at the end of the two years, each one of those second years we need to know where they go. If they end up in the job centre we have failed them, if they end up in further education, training or employment that’s success.”

Wright finished off by stressing the need to offer more opportunities to gain qualifications while taking the Scholarship and avoid the scheme burning out after two highly successful years.

“We don’t want to have two or three good years only for it to fail, it’s about what happens next and what else we can offer, do we do something around video analysis, coaching or engineering that gives opportunities at the end of it.”