The USSC club train at Silksworth but get to Ski and Snowboard on real snow when they go on tour

The USSC club train at Silksworth but get to Ski and Snowboard on real snow when they go on tour

SportsByte’s Christabel Howdon-Bancroft spoke University of Sunderland Snow Sports Vice President Freya King about how the USSC is like one big family and how the club makes the sport more accessible to people.

Briefly explain what you do for USSC.

I am the female social secretary as well as vice president, which means I organise our social events, come up with fancy dress themes, take photos of everything and generally make sure everyone’s having a good time on our nights out.

First experience snowboarding or skiing?

I only started skiing properly when I joined USSC in my first year but I can remember going to Xscape on a school trip when I was about 13. I loved it, but I just couldn’t afford to keep it up until I came to university and got lessons. USSC is a great way to make snowsports accessible to anyone.

Best thing about USSC?

The thing I love about USSC is that it feels like a big family. It’s a really interesting mix of people who might not necessarily fit into other sporting societies but are welcomed here. There’s never a dull moment as someone is always up to something crazy and it’s really nice to see this year’s freshers getting involved in all of this.

First accident?

Not sure it really counts as an accident but I had a pretty bad experience with my ski boots hurting my feet on tour last year. Long story short, it really made me appreciate the NHS when I got home. Other than that I’ve had my fair share of falls but I’ve always managed to come up unhurt.

Dry slope or mountains?

Mountains all the way. Nothing comes close to real snow but there is something to be said for learning to ski on dry slope, as once you get good at that it makes skiing on snow a lot easier.

Sum up the USSC socials in three words?

Lively, unpredictable, messy.

Best place you have been on tour and why?

Last year USSC went to Avoriaz in France. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. There’s something really special about spending the day skiing wherever you want, then chilling in the sun with a beer, or going to the spa and spending an afternoon sitting on a hot tub just taking in the beautiful scenery.



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