The USSC club train at Silksworth but get to Ski and Snowboard on real snow when they go on tour

The USSC club train at Silksworth but get to Ski and Snowboard on real snow when they go on tour

SportsByte’s Christabel Howdon-Bancroft spoke University of Sunderland Snow Sports President Salomé Boccara who reveals how her love of Snowboarding began with a less than perfect attempt at Skiing.

Briefly explain what you do for USSC.

As President of USSC I’m basically the leader I guess. I manage our snowsports tour that happens every year, and it sounds really bad, but I basically run around managing/telling/guiding other committee members on what to do in their positions, which can be really hard ’cause sometimes you just come across as a jerk, but, it’s not personal, it’s just business.

First experience snowboarding or skiing?

I actually started out skiing when I was… 11 I think? I was just awful at it, so I decided to switch to boarding when I was 13 and it was really hard but I liked it better anyway.

Best place you have been snowboarding/skiing?

Park City, Utah hand downs. Best powder I’ve ever experienced! It was an off piste fan’s dream, it was so good even my mum thought she’d learn how to board for the week.

Place you want to go most of all?

Japan. I’ve heard it’s a completely different experience, and I really just want to explore the country in general, some snow, some city, that kind of thing.

Best thing about USSC?

It’s a family. Everyone and everything is so tight. We’re all so different as well, but I think that’s what lets us gel together. I think we attract all the slightly eccentric people, and it’s great because no one has any prejudices or bias when it come to getting new members.

First accident?

First accident was cracking some ribs after having to bail off a jump when a skier decided to ski across the landing area. Nothing’s worse than fracturing metacarpals though, that was definitely the most brutal.

Dry slope or mountains?

That’s not a question! Mountains all the way!

Sum up the USSC socials in three words?

Messy. Questionable. Unique.

Best place you’ve been on tour and why?

I’ve only been on two tours with USSC, but I’ve got to say last year’s in Avoriaz was the best, purely because it was nice to be part of the committee that organised it, and I got called a pro by basically everyone for boarding around with a cast on for the week.



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